Our opportunity

Last weekend 20 locals were out and about on Brisbane’s north spreading the message, listening to people’s issues and telling their stories about why health services help us build better communities. Here’s a photo from the event. This weekend, will you join them?

Add your name here. We’ll be running this in 3 locations in the South East this weekend and next, along with one activity in the north. We'll give you a call and follow up with further details once you have signed up. 

1pm-4pm Saturday, 24th August

Kallangur - Ron Westaway Park

Wishart - Wishart Community Park

Newmarket - Sedgeley Park 

Over the next few weeks we have an opportunity to make sure that when people in our communities vote they understand the choice that they face.

Campbell Newman’s job cuts and cuts to health services have made life harder for Queenslanders. This government doesn’t understand: cutting jobs and services doesn’t help our economy - it just makes things harder and means that health services aren’t there for the people who need them most.

Now Queenslanders have a choice: Tony Abbott  who will take cuts further, putting more services and jobs at risk; or the chance to protect the services and the jobs that families rely on.


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