Jamie’s Story
The protection of Queensland’s most vulnerable children is a responsibility that all Queenslanders share. Jamie works in a specialist child safety unit to minimise the risk of abuse to children. It is important and often emotionally draining work. Around the state there are thousands of people working to make sure kids are safe. The work they do is not often seen but their impact can change lives for the better, for ever.

Stuart’s Story
Working at a youth detention centre requires a special mix of strength, steadfastness and compassion. Stuart’s story shows the reality of this work but also inspires hope. With the help of committed people like Stuart, young offenders can turn their lives around.

Angie’s Story
Our state’s amazing and beautiful biodiversity is found nowhere else in the world. Angie makes sure that Queenslanders can enjoy our amazing environment while protecting it for future generations. Our tourism industry relies on it to provide thousands of Queenslanders with a job.

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