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It's all about people. That might seem a pretty basic thing to say, but that's the key point we must always remember when we are talking about privatisation. Is it a plan that delivers quality services for people, or is it a plan that puts services that people need to tender for the lowest bidder? 

Delivering quality services means making sure that the person who relies on disability support services for that extra bit of care, the family who rely on public housing during tough times, the patient who needs accessible pathology in their hospital, get the support they need. It means making sure that you can get quality services, not just in the south-east corner, but in any of the places that make Queensland the great place it is to live, work and grow. 

You can see the details of the Newman Government's response to the Costello Commission of Audit here

This report talks a lot about quality services, but at its core is 'contestability'. 'Contestability' and 'efficiency' are loaded terms which mean every public service is up for challenge. Under this plan, the core responsibility we elect politicians to deliver - frontline services - is handed to big companies to undercut care, and undercut the people working hard to deliver better outcomes everyday. 

We know that the Queensland community understands privatisation means increased costs for families and a reduction in services. We need to keep reminding them that whether you call it contestability or something else, it means harming quality services for the Queenslanders who need them. 

That's what this is about. That's what Working For Queenslanders is about. Delivering quality services is our shared responsibility. Now it's time to act and remind Campbell Newman and his government of their own responsibility. It's a challenge that we are up for, with your help, one we can overcome. 

Now, more than ever, is the moment to share with your friends the reasons why privatisation will hurt Queensland,and get them to sign our petition. 

Tell us your reasons in the comments section below about why you want to stop the privatisation of our essential services, and why you are making a commitment to be part of this movement for a better Queensland. 

It's you, your stories, the people in your communities, that will mean we can win and build the Queensland we all deserve. 

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