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Today is a big day for Queensland. It’s a big day for the people that work keeping our cities, towns and rural communities running, the people in our regions who are Working For Queenslanders. It’s a big day for the Moura community as they fight to save their hospital.
What would you do if your local hospital was being closed?

That’s the question the residents in the central Queensland town of Moura are faced with as the government moves to close their only hospital. Tomorrow Moura workers and their community are joining to protest the closure of their hospital.

Nothing is more important than quality and timely health care. As a doctor in Far North Queensland I know how much members of regional and rural communities need health services. It’s simply inconceivable that our state could be letting down a local community in this way.

Even if you can’t make it to Moura today you can add your name in support of Moura families and their right to access health services.

Add your name and say ‘I’m with Moura’  

Not only is Campbell Newman's government hurting Queensland’s economy and cutting jobs in the regions but now they want to close the hospital in Moura. This will mean Moura families are further away from the health services they need, and we all know how big a place Queensland is. Closing the hospital will force them to travel even further when they require medical care or to visit family or friends receiving care.

Cairns Base Hospital where I work isn’t at risk of being closed, but we are still losing many good people from the Health job cuts in our region. I’d like to think that if my local hospital was about to be closed I’d be out there standing with other workers and families for our hospital. That’s why today I’m asking you to add your name to show that all Queenslanders are with Moura. Send a message that health services aren’t a luxury for our big cities but a right for every Queenslander whether you live in the bush, by the beach or just off the beaten track.

My message is that I’m with Moura, now it’s your turn to tell them that ‘I’m with Moura’ too.

Dr Sandy Donald
Together Health delegate

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