Post Election survey

Over the past few years members and supporters have stood up for the things that matter. You showed that despite the previous government’s enormous majority that change was possible, you showed there was a better way.

Members like you stood firm in the face of attacks. You stood for a better Queensland and helped make change happen. Now, as we work to make those changes a reality for all of us, you can help prepare for the next steps.  

Fill in this important survey. Closes Monday 30 March.

Your actions and commitment changed how Queensland’s parliament looks. Now we need to know how effective you think we were, what mediums to use in the future and how to win as a group.

We had an unprecedented number of people involved in activities, along with advertising in key areas and other key activities. Even if you didn't participate directly you still can provide information that we can use to plan for the future: where you got your information during the election and how we can get in touch. We must be ready to campaign more effectively, engage with more people and for change that delivers for all of us.

Have your say in our post election survey.

Survey closes Monday 30 March.

Why did you get involved in the campaign? What activities did you participate in? If you didn't get involved, what stopped you from participating? How could we assist in giving you more assistance/tools for next time?

These are the questions we are asking and with your answers our campaigns will be even more effective in the future.

It’s an exciting time. It’s been great to see so many members like you stand up. If you weren't part of it this time we’d love to hear what would help get you involved next time, what elements of the campaign you noticed and how to reach you.

Thank you for everything you do.

We're getting ready for the next campaigns and we want to hear what our supporters have to say. What issue is the most important to you? Have your say here. 


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