Take action now to save Paid Parental Leave

Bringing a child into the world is exciting, exhausting, confusing and joyous. No matter how much planning you do and how ready you feel, you can never fully prepared for what life as a new parent throws at you.

This week we learned that the Turnbull government's Paid Parental Leave cuts are back on the table. This time around the government wants to cut off woman from payments on 1st January 2017.

That's just 10 weeks away.

That means women who are right now 30 weeks pregnant will lose almost $12,000 in PPL payment and more importantly months and months of time at home bonding with their newborn.

It is an incredibly cruel and mean policy.

Our friends at The Parenthood are leading the charge to stop these cuts in their tracks. If we’re to beat this cruel policy, it will be in the Senate. We know the ALP and the Greens are opposed, so it will come down to the cross bench senators.

Already The Parenthood have secured the support of Jacqui Lambie and now the spotlight is on the Nick Xenophon team.

You can help save Paid Parental Leave by contacting Senator Nick Xenophon and his team and urging them to oppose the Turnbull government's cuts.

Please take the time to defend working parents' rights. Contact Nick Xenophon using the email tool at the link and ask him and his teams to stop this dreadful decision by the Turnbull government.

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