Privatisation - stop the madness

Independent economic analysis has revealed that the LNP’s privatisation plan will cost Queenslanders $9 billion.

The only thing privatisation does is boost profits for big corporations – privatisation does not create jobs, it destroys them.

If the LNP is re-elected Queenslanders will lose more assets, jobs and services. That is madness.

Chip in to stop the spin – can you donate $100 to help spread our message?

The LNP has destroyed thousands of jobs in just three years. Now Campbell Newman and the LNP want to privatise our assets and services, which will cost our state billions.

Meanwhile Queenslanders and their families will face higher prices for basic services. We can’t afford more cuts, more lies, and more privatisation.

The LNP has been using millions of dollars of government money to promote their toxic privatisation plan, as well as using donations from the big corporations that will benefit from privatisation.

We can stop this privatisation madness  - but we need to spread the message and time is running out.

Chip in $75 or $100 so we can spread the pro-jobs message and stop the LNP’s destruction of our state.

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