Putting on the brakes

Did you catch the news this week?

Adani has put the brakes on its new mega mine for Queensland. A mine that grows more and more unviable and unsustainable by the day. The company itself is claiming that they are just taking stock while they await approvals and then the financing will come. However, experts have said that the project is ‘dead in the water’ and every day we hear from community groups taking action against this irresponsible project that is threatening our Great Barrier Reef.  

You can tell Premier Palaszczuk to abandon Adani here. 

It was only the end of last year when the previous LNP government was jumping at the chance to sink taxpayer money through the privatisation of assets into the pockets of a foreign mining giant instead of into the services we all rely on. 

Because of your efforts, that government did not get the chance to keep on breaking its promises and breaking Queensland.  The Palaszczuk government made some important commitments to protect the reef before the election and ow is the time to remind them how this project is bad for the health of local communities, is opposed by traditional owners, doesn’t add up financially and would threaten our climate through global warming.

Importantly, Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt has chosen not to include any potential royalties from this project in the upcoming Queensland budget – another sign that this project is fast losing friends.

A new report released by The Australia Institute this week has shown just how billions of dollars of your money has gone to subsidies for fossil fuel giants – money that could have been used to fund key services like hospitals and schools in your local area. Read for yourself here.

t was a commitment to restore key public services that we all rely on that differentiated the Palaszczuk Labor from the LNP during the last election. Let's not miss this opportunity to remind them of these commitments and to take the side of Queenslanders not coal companies. 

Queenslanders are getting on with the job of building a better future. Now it’s time for our leaders in business and politics to come up with a plan that gets our economy working for all of us once again and protects our Great Barrier Reef.

It’s critical that the Queensland government stay firm and do not bow to this desperate ploy to get more taxpayer assistance for a project that doesn’t stack up. Let’s keep up the pressure.

Send a message now. 

Congratulations again on everything you do. Together we can make sure the Queensland Government hears from people like you who want a better way not more mega mines that put our kids’ futures at risk.

Yours for a better Queensland

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