Queenslanders for quality services

Queenslanders want quality services for their communities no matter where they live, no matter what they earn and no matter what situation they are faced with.

Campbell Newman doesn't want to talk about the jobs lost and the services cut under his government so far. Instead of talking about service cuts and their plans for privatisation the government is holding a summit in Mackay on the 10th of May with politicians and their friends. 

The Working For Queenslanders movement is uniting people across the state with one goal: stop privatisation. 

Sign the Change.org petition calling on Campbell Newman to reject any plans for privatisation. 

We’re asking all Queenslanders to talk about their reasons why the government should use this summit to have a conversation centred on quality services. We want to give Queenslanders the opportunity to have their say that the Premier won’t give them.

You can help by signing the petition, sharing with your friends, talking about what privatisation means for Queensland families that need quality services and by signing up to the Working For Queenslanders movement today. 

Let's keep it for Queenslanders. 


If you've already signed up to Working For Queenslanders, that's great, you can sign in and then help spread the word online. You can take the next step to energise our movement by volunteering. 

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