Whether it's the people that count on you in day to day life, or that package you were waiting for in the mail,  what really counts for Queenslanders is that you deliver. We take seriously our responsibility to deliver for the team, for our community and for Queensland. 

Delivering during a crisis is what Queenslanders do for one another, that’s our shared responsibility to build better lives for the people around us.

Currently, the government is asking Queenslanders to bring along their questions to shape a ‘Queensland Plan’ summit and engagement process. At the same time, the only answer it seems to have to any question is privatisation via contestability.

Is the government going to take its responsibility to provide service seriously or is it just going to say it's somebody else's problem? 

We elect politicians to deliver, not throw up their hands and say how hard it all is and then act as a sales agent. 

Add your name to tell the Queensland politicians gathering right now in Mackay that you endorse a Queensland Plan where our elected representatives take responsibility to deliver quality services, not just to sign contracts with big companies and then use those contracts as an excuse when things go wrong. 

Tell them to live up their responsibility. 

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Will you endorse?

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