Aged care before Profits

Campbell Newman continues to hurt our local economy and continues to cut services right up and down Queensland, and now he wants to privatise more aged care facilities in Rockhampton. The experience of privatisation for Queensland families is that it costs more and delivers less. 

Rockhampton, like many cities and towns across Queensland have faced some big challenges over the past month with flooding, and the community is just starting to recover. Now, Campbell Newman’s government has announced plans to privatise two aged care facilities here in Central Queensland, putting our seniors, a valued part of our community, in the firing line of privatisation.

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We are also seeing  moves towards privatisation in prisons, hospitals and in disability services around Queensland. The government wants to use the Costello Audit Commission as cover to do the things it has planned, but doesn't want to talk about it with the community until it's too late. 

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