Stand up against privatisation: Letterbox activity this Saturday

The Newman government is preparing for a massive selloff of our public assets. We need to take action now and send a message: our assets are not for sale!

The politicians can’t ignore the voice of the people when it comes to asset sales. The coming by-election in Stafford gives us the perfect opportunity to make our voices heard.

Come out for a fun day of action this Saturday 21 June! Now is the time to hold the politicians to account. We will be handing out flyers and doing letter box drops to highlight the negative effects of asset sales and asking the community to stand with us in opposing them.

Volunteers will be meeting at the drop off, pick up area of Stafford State School (Webster Road Stafford), at 8.00am for a BBQ Breakfast and to get our maps & directions.

We hit the pavement by 8.30-9am; the blitz will take 2 to 4 hours depending on how many volunteers we get on the day. The more we get, the less time it will take!

You can check out the Not 4 Sale campaign website at

So come along this Saturday – bring a hat and some comfortable clothes for a fun opportunity to make a difference.

With your action, we can hold the politicians to account and stop their plan to sell off our assets and our community’s future.

You can also volunteer to take part in a weekend of action in the Stafford electorate on the weekend of 12-13 July. Sign up here if you would like to take part.

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