Stafford By-Election

A voice for the community and how you can help: 12-13 July

Campbell Newman’s government keeps putting the needs of itself and of big business ahead of what our community deserves: high quality public health care, jobs, and public services that are run for the benefit of the community.

All of the promises Campbell Newman made - to revitalise frontline services, to respect hardworking public servants, to deliver fair wage increases – have been broken.

Sign up below to campaign in support of jobs and services in the Stafford by-election: to send a message to politicians that they must do better.

The government has behaved in an arrogant and unaccountable way rather than listen to what Queenslanders want.

After the Redcliffe by-election, where Campbell Newman’s agenda of privatisation, job cuts and service cuts was massively rejected by voters, he promised to “listen” – but instead his government has tried to force doctors onto unfair contracts, privatise our state assets, and stop people from having their say at work or in the community about the need for public services.

We know Queenslanders don’t support cuts to health funding, and they don’t support privatisation.

We need to keep reminding the community of what is at stake. Queenslanders deserve quality health services no matter how much money you earn.

Sign up to take part on the weekend of action on 12-13 July in Stafford and talk to people in the area about what we can do to protect services for all of us.

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