Stop Tony Abbott's workplace attacks

Next week Tony Abbott is taking new unfair workplace laws to the Senate and hoping he can get his way. 

Already 20,000 Australians have spoken to or emailed crossbench senators to ask them to support Australian workers and remind them they have an opportunity to help stop Tony Abbott's attempts to bring back Workchoices one attack at a time.

For those of us here in Queensland that means asking Senator Glenn Lazarus to do the right thing for Queensland workers by voting NO.

Here are the details to contact Senator Glenn Lazarus

By voting NO he can show his commitment to the people that keep our state moving, to those who rely on penalty rates to get by and to those families that are already struggling to make ends meet. 

It's going to be a big week, but the more of us that talk to senators and get our message across the more likely it is that we can stop Tony Abbott's unfair workplace laws in their tracks. 

Find out how to get our message across and contact Queensland cross-bench Senator Glenn Lazarus. 

I know that our community has stood up against these attacks on rights at work before, this is our chance to show our strength and do it again. 

Check out this one minute video from Ged Kearney on how to stop these laws and what it all means for working people. 

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