Stand for judicial Independence

Stand for judicial independence

What sort of Queensland do we want to live in? That's the question many Queenslanders have been asking as they have seen Campbell Newman's government move to trample on the separation of powers and judicial independence in Queensland, by introducing laws that give the government the power to indefinitely detain people and to arrest people because of who they are with not what they do.

That's why we're asking you to stand up against these attacks on the judiciary, these attacks on the separation of power, these attacks on the basic tenets of our democracy.

We know that Campbell Newman and his government are sensitive to public pressure, let's give them a message so loud that they can't ignore by being part of this today.

Show them there is a better way. 

Campbell Newman has constantly been saying that Queenslanders back him on this issue. Now, more than ever, we need to show him that there is a strong community sentiment that supports community safety AND a respect for judicial independence ahead of political expediency. That's why we're asking for you to contribute to getting this message out by funding an advertising campaign - online, and in the papers. 

  • We will roll out our ads as soon as we get the required funding. You'll see them, your friends will see them and Campbell Newman will see them on Facebook, on Google, online news sites and if we get enough funding we'll put them in a prominent spot in some of Queensland's largest newspapers. 
  • These funds are just the start, they will go directly to these advertising efforts. This movement doesn't end with an advertising campaign but it is a great way to get our message out there and build momentum. 

Now, Campbell Newman has used heated rhetoric to criticise anybody who has dared to question his heavy handed approach. Even the corruption fighter, Tony Fitzgerald, who brought to light the Queensland of the shady past, has been attacked. 

Tony Fitzgerald cleaned up Queensland. Now, Campbell Newman is moving to bring back the dirt to Queensland and is cheapening us all every day. 

Stand for justice. Stand with Tony Fitzgerald. 


Why this matters, now. 

  • This is fundamentally about the sort of Queensland we want to live in. We will we go back to the pre-Fitzgerald Inquiry days of enforcement, of strong-arming and an out of control executive? Or we will stand for a better way, to learn the lessons and build for the future? 
  • We've won before, our supporters stood together to oppose a 41% Pollie Pay Rise the Newman government was proposing and we forced them to back down. 
  • This is not an obscure, 'theoretical argument.' This is about whether or not we think it's okay that Queenslanders can be indefinitely detained, whether we want to give our politicians greater power, and whether we'll stand up at this crucial junction to say 'enough is enough.' -- We want to get on with the job of building a better state, let our judges get on with their job.

Is Campbell Newman really up to the job? 


Other Ways You Can Help

We know that some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:


Thank you, and together we can build a better Queensland.

GOAL: $2,000.00
Contributions are not tax deductible.
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