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Queenslanders are ready for more than just opposition to privatisation, we know that they are up for big things and we all want to be part of building a better Queensland. They want communities to come together to change the places we live for the better. It’s why so many of you are involved in this movement and are talking about the Queensland we all deserve with your friends and family. And why thousands of you completed our recent survey.

The next activity you can do to voice your concern for our future is share this video. You might have seen it on TV, but messages like this are even more powerful when they come from people like you sharing them online via social media or email.

Whether you’re talking to the young family from Ipswich who relies on their local public school, the single mother in Townsville who gets assistance from workers in disability services or the older Queenslander in Pine Rivers who gets care at their local hospital, we have heard their stories and why they care about building a better Queensland. You know the majority of Queenslanders believe we should all have equal access to services – that no matter where we live or how much we earn we should all be able to access things like health, safety and education.

You’ve heard the government’s plan for Queenslanders - to privatise our services and dress this up as ‘contestability’.  Now, our movement needs to make sure our fellow Queenslanders’ realise what is at stake if this government’s plan continues - we can start letting them know by sharing this video.

Thank you to the thousands of you who filled out our latest survey so our community movement can take the next step. You had your say on how our future campaigns would be shaped for a better Queensland and this survey has now closed. We will be talking more about our vision for a better Queensland following on from this survey next week. Find out how you can continue to spread your vision for a better Queensland  here.

While the government is talking about its Queensland Plan rhetoric, it is rolling out the daily reality of privatisation. This reality is a selloff of our services, avoiding all accountability by handing services over to the cheapest provider, not the best provider. We know Queensland can do better than this. We know Queenslanders believe we can do better and we know this is why the Working for Queenslanders movement continues to grow.

Volunteers are still signing on everyday (sign on to become a volunteer here). Tens of thousands of signatures are still being gathered, forums attended and concerns are still being discussed with family, friends and communities. This is because this is a movement about more than the day to day politics here in Queensland: it’s your movement that is ready to build the Queensland we all deserve.

You can also tell the government about the Queensland you want to build at


Be part of it for the Queensland we all deserve.


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