Turnbull talks tax hikes

Tax talk is in. 

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is testing the waters on tax, some of his Ministers and backbenchers are out arguing for an increase in the GST. An increase that would cost working people more to buy daily basics.

Here's a new report on just how this an increase would hit those least able to afford it. As it Australian Unions put it 'Australians need a better fairer tax system not an increase to the GST.' 

The government wants to talk of 'reform' but it won't come clean on what its plans and are how it will make Australians lives better and deliver the services. This comes at the same time as the government refuses to pursue big multinational tax avoidance. 

Weekends still matter, that's why supporters are signing our petition to call on Malcolm Turnbull to reject any attempts to attack penalty rates, an attack on the take home pay of Australian workers. 

We're joining with our friends in the Queensland Community Alliance to call on the Queensland Government to extend Translink concessions to people seeking asylum. Affordable public transport is critical during the initial phase of settlement in Brisbane, as new arrivals are required to attend appointments about housing, health, education and finance. You can take action today. 

No New Coal Mines
More than 2500 Working For Queenslanders supporters have signed this petition in just a week. Supporters like you understand that every dollar we spend subsidising new coal mines is a dollar that can't be spent on employing more nurses, doctors, teachers and emergency services workers.

Preparations are heating up for the People's Climate March on 28 November around Australia. You can find out and RSVP here.

Indonesian forests are burning
Huge forests are burning across Indonesia and it's time for the Indonesian government, oil and paper companies to step up and act. More and more people are adding their name to protect these forests and calling for real steps to stop the fires and end this destruction that endangers people, livelihoods and wildlife. 

Finally, a new inquiry has revealed how the Newman government's crackdown on bikies came at the expense of taking on other elements of organised crime and other criminal activities. 

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