Update Two - UK Government attacks doctors

First of all, thank you to those people who connected with us and gave us feedback on our first weekly update. It's great to know so many of you are engaged with the issues that matter and ready to take action for change. 

Hundreds of you responded to our survey on the Abbott government policies you want Malcolm Turnbull to change. The largest single response was 32% of people who want the government to reverse cuts to health and hospital services and any form of the GP co-payment. After that were 30% who wanted more support for renewable energy jobs and another 20% who want the government to get to work cutting pollution. 

These are all important issues that we will continue to talk to supporters about and support campaigns for change. The action we take today will shape the Australia's policy direction over the coming years. Remaining silent on the things that matter is not an option. 

Here's a quick wrap of some of the other things that have been happened. 

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