We are Working for Queenslanders


Campbell Newman promised to protect jobs and protect services before he was elected, but instead his government has been cutting, closing, and tearing Queensland apart.

Tens of thousands of workers and families have suffered because the government ignored its promises and the voices of those who care about the services and jobs in local communities.

Queenslanders are standing up against these attacks on the people who work for all of us - will you stand up too?

What you can do

With the level of pain caused by the public sector job cuts, it’s no wonder that it took such a short time for 25,000 people to support the petition for a federal parliamentary inquiry.

Because the politicians in Queensland were not listening to their community, the focus has changed to Canberra, and asking federal politicians to take responsibility given that the Newman government is ignoring its own responsibility to Queenslanders.

Holding an inquiry into the Newman government’s destruction of rights at work is the first step in getting the federal politicians to intervene with strong legislation to protect Queenslanders’ jobs, services and community.

Getting the federal politicians to intervene when their state colleagues have failed is a big job, but we have already made the first key steps.

The inquiry will be able to provide more detail and more material on why a federal intervention is needed. On its own it won’t be enough.

The people who are Working for Queenslanders are asking you to step up and lend a hand. We need to make sure not only that the inquiry goes ahead, but that it is a spur to strong federal legislation that protects jobs and workplace rights in Queensland.

On this website we’ll be able to provide you with more detail on what the inquiry is doing, what the coverage has been like, and, most importantly, what you can do to keep up the pressure on the federal politicians and get them to intervene.

Our state’s families, jobs, communities, and future depend on those who are Working for Queenslanders. We can win and we are getting stronger every day – now it’s time to add your support.

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