We're ready

Campbell Newman is pulling one last sneaky trick: calling an election while Queenslanders are still in holiday mode. The election will be held on Saturday 31 January.

But we are ready, and we need you to get on board with the campaign plan. Click here to say you are ready – give your name and contact phone number and someone will call you to let you know the next step.

Campbell Newman has called a snap election because he is desperate. He's panicking because he knows the polls are getting worse and worse for him and his spin has stopped working.


Queenslanders don't want Campbell Newman's privatisation and don't want his broken promises.

You can make a difference for the future of Queensland in this election, but we have to get moving. Click here to send an email with your name and contact details: "I'm ready."

Campbell Newman has repeatedly hurt Queensland families with his lies, broken promises and cuts to health services. Now Campbell Newman wants to go forward with his plans for privatisation, plans that will take away more Queensland jobs and services and make life harder for Queenslanders.

Campbell Newman has been breaking promises for years, and Queensland’s families are suffering. Don’t let him do for another three years.

We’re ready: we have already been getting our pro-jobs, pro-services message out to Queenslanders. Now we have to do more. Say "I'm ready" here.

Let's get moving!

Alex and the Working for Queenslanders Team

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