We won't be silenced

Campbell Newman's broken promises continue to cost Queensland families.

Queenslanders are standing up and sharing their stories about how these broken promises have impacted on them personally by getting out and about on the ground, by talking at community events and in their workplaces.

To add value to that we've been running some TV ads to take the message directly to Campbell Newman that it's time to start keeping your promises. 

Now, we've been asked to take down the ad. 

We know this government has form in trying to shut down debate, they've made it harder for Queenslanders to speak up, but still we're standing and fighting with you alongside us. 

The ads are having an impact. We've got the government's attention but now we need your help to keep them on air and take this campaign to the next level. 

Can you chip in today to help keep the ads on the air? 

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