Webinar 12:30pm Thursday 4 December

Reminder re today's webinar. Here are the details - 

To join the meeting, Please find conference details below:

  • Teleconference / Web Conference Participant Code: 31877031
  • Teleconference Toll Free Dial In Number: 1 800 896 323
  • Local Dial In: (07) 3036 8888

Web Conference URL: http://omnovia.redbackconferencing.com.au/redback You’ll also be dialling in via telephone. Alternatively, go to www.redbackconferencing.com.au and click on “join a web conference

Email [email protected]



We know there is a lot to do, but every day the possibility for change grows stronger.

We saw this opportunity for change in Victoria: working people and their supporters Victoria got together and launched a movement that threw out the government. The Victorian government had started a war on some of its most trusted professions. The campaign by community members in Victoria threw out a government that had cut services and had lost the trust of the community.

The movement in Victoria wasn’t a party-political spinfest, it was an organised movement of people who care about jobs and services and who wanted to get involved to make their voices heard.

Queenslanders could be forgiven for saying that’s just how they feel – and now people like you have a chance to make change. One conversation at a time, one phone call at a time, it can be done.

That’s why on Thursday we’re inviting you to take part in a webinar briefing. It's a chance for you to get the latest on the polling, the political landscape and what you can do over the coming months to change Queensland. 

Details: 12:30pm, Thursday, 4 December 

Call: (07) 3036 8888

Pin: 31877031

You’ll get the chance to hearing from our polling expert, Scott Steel and Alex Scott on campaign activities you can get involved in today.

As one of our Working For Queenslander volunteers you have shown that you are prepared to do more – because building a better Queensland is worth it.

Dial in. Be part of the conversation and hear how you can be part of changing Queensland.

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