Weekly update 18 September - Campbell Newman blames the media

Former Premier Campbell Newman has announced plans to start working in the agricultural robotics industry. In his first interview since leaving office Campbell Newman was quick to blame the media for his government’s loss and ignored his government’s record of lies, cuts and privatisation that hurt so many Queenslanders. Campbell Newman claims, “I was portrayed as an uncaring, bad person”, maybe it’s worth asking the 14,000 workers he sacked or why his government cut preventative health services, or why he attacked the judiciary? 

The restoration of tenancy advice services

In a real win the tenants' advice services have been restored after they were axed by the previous LNP. Tenants were left without key advice services after these were cut, the new Queensland government has now restored these important services that give those who rent assistance and advice when needed. The damage that the LNP has done will take some time to repair, but it’s great to see action and a focus on quality services once again. 

Australians are relieved to say goodbye to Tony Abbott as PM 

There’s a palpable sense of relief in the community this week as Tony Abbott’s time as Prime Minister came to an end. Sure, the headlines will centre on political machinations that thrust Malcolm Turnbull to the top job, but what is clear is what really made Tony Abbott’s position untenable was the community’s ongoing opposition to his agenda of $100K degrees, attacks on workers’ rights and cuts to health funding (just to name a few).

Tony Abbott's agenda was rejected time after time, week after week by the Australian public.

Now, it’s time to tell the new Prime Minister that Australia needs more than a new salesperson, we need new policies. 

Queensland responses to violence against women

The spate of violence against women in Queensland continues.Over the past week we’ve seen a number of women killed in acts of violence. Enough is enough. We must change community attitudes and behaviours. Here’s the White Ribbon response. The Queensland government has taken some important steps this week with the announcement of extra funding for a Domestic Violence Crisis Line.

 In brief –

  • The push for a Human Rights Act for Queensland is building momentum, with the government announcing an inquiry and the launch of Human Rights 4 Queensland website. You can chip in to help grow the campaign here. 
  • An LNP donor who had land clearing approval backdated could face questions from the corruption watchdog.
  • More news on the health impacts of coal on our communities -  "...burning coal to generate energy results in far larger emissions of both toxic pollutants and greenhouse gasses than any other form of energy generation." says Dr Crisp, WA Chair of Doctors for the Environment Australia.
  • Check out this long but worthwhile read in The Atlantic on the future of unions and young people. 

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