Weekly Update 4: Changing seasons

Summer's fast approaching, with storm season upon us in many parts of Queensland. 

There's also been significant political change over the past month, a new Prime Minister, Labour Day Public Holiday is back in May and the Trans-Pacific Partnership was signed by our Federal Government, a deal the public still knows very little about. 

Nearly 6000 people have signed our petition to call on Lawrence Springborg to walk away from privatisation once and for all. 

A Human Rights Act for Queensland would enhance rights for all Queenslanders. Supporters like you have helped build momentum for human rights in Queensland.You can read this opinion piece by Aimee McVeigh on how a Human Rights Act can help Queenslanders. 

  • We're hearing more from Prime Minister Turnbull, the Treasurer and MPs that they want to cut the take home pay of workers using new language that means the same thing people are worse off. Here's a piece from Tim Dunlop on how this is a 'brutal attack on the pay of workers' 
  • In good news, Sharon Burrow explains the roles of unions in Tunisia in building social dialogue, a role recognised with the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize. 
  • People around the world are gearing up to create the biggest climate march in world history in November ahead of the Paris Climate Talks. There are events right around Australia, including the event in Brisbane which you can RSVP to here. This is a great little explainer ahead of the upcoming Paris Climate talks on a coal moratorium and the action required to ensure we don't blow our carbon budget. Here's a little run through on how to judge whether or not Paris is a success. 
  • In the US, the hedge fund owner of Daraprim, a key medication for HIV and cancer patients, pledged to reverse the huge price increase he made to the drug but has still yet to act to return the price to affordable levels. Find out more and act. 

You can also come and be part of Walk Together 2015 in cities across Queensland and Australia on Saturday 31 October. You can find out more for an event near you here. It's a chance for all of us to come together to celebrate Australia's rich diversity and our common dreams are possible. 

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