Weekly Update: Lawrence Springborg and privatisation

Many supporters have expressed their disbelief following Lawrence Springborg's remarks that Queenslanders may 'reconsider' privatisation.

After Queenslanders made it abundantly clear over the past two elections that they want quality services, not privatisation. There's increasing speculation that Lawrence Springborg is facing internal pressure as his party remains in the political wilderness, still unable to come to terms with their electoral loss and why it happened. 

People like you refused to accept that the only way to build a better state was through attacks, cuts and privatisation. Queenslanders deserve better and have shown that you are ready to stand for change time and again. 

Already more than a thousand people have signed to tell Lawrence Springborg to walk away from privatisation once and for all.

You can add your name today. 

Lawrence Springborg's desperation is on show as he scrambles for internal support, it's up to us to tell all politicians that it's time for him to walk away from privatisation once and for all. 

Around the traps: 

It has been great reconnecting with supporters, getting your feedback and preparing for what's next.  

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