Where you have got so far

The Newman Government has one answer for every question – More cuts!

Queenslanders began 2012 with a commitment from Campbell Newman that job security would be protected under his government. The reality under the Newman government has been vastly different, with tens of thousands of Queensland workers and their families having to deal with the human tragedy of unemployment.

25 000 cracks in their radical agenda

There are now 25 000 cracks in the Newman government’s job cutting agenda because you signed, shared and supported the petition that forced a federal inquiry into your rights at work so that all public sector workers have the same protections as other workers across Australia.

After the amazing 25 000 signatures, the Senate passed a motion for an inquiry into public sector rights at work.

The inquiry will allow us to share a lot of stories about what these attacks on your rights at work really mean for workers, their families and our community.

With your ongoing commitment to being part of the solution, we can build community pressure against politicians that are obsessed with cuts and cutting rights at work. This means making it crystal clear to our leaders that the community will stick by the workers affected by these cuts.

Turning ‘No’ into action

The Newman Government has even tried to get tens of thousands of its own workers to accept attacks on their rights at work and the removal of job security from collective agreements.

Across Queensland workplaces, Together members and their delegates have been leading a strong ‘No’ campaign against a deal with no job security in the core public service.

In 2013 it’s imperative that our movement builds on the momentum against their radical agenda and makes action from this inquiry a reality for those affected.

This is your fight-back

It would have been easy to let savage cuts and attacks on rights at work become the “new normal”; to stand back and hope for the best. Instead, throughout this year we have seen that Queenslanders are made of stronger stuff.

Every day you have stood alongside fellow workers fighting for your rights at work, fighting for the people that you care for, and fighting to build a better Queensland. You have proved Campbell Newman wrong about you and wrong about the work that you do to make Queensland a better place to live, work and grow.

This is because of you. You’re the reason our movement is growing; you’re the reason that we can build a better Queensland. Working for Queenslanders is about you, your work and the people around us that keep us going.

Let’s keep it going. Be part of the fight back, because Working For Queenslanders is what you do.


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