You and the Purple Army

Throughout workplaces and communities supporters like you speak up, take action and make change happen.

We’ve just ticked over on the one year anniversary of the last Queensland election, an election where union members like you made change happen and changed how politics is done.

That was an amazing effort driven by union members and supporters who refused to accept the job cuts, below inflation pay and privatisation under Campbell Newman’s LNP. You talked, planned, doorknocked and voted to send a message and won.

Today, Queensland is a better place because of you. The services you deliver, the action you take and the commitment to change have made real differences.

Without workers acting collectively, without community members coming out and shaping conversations we would still have the attacks on public services and the people who deliver them, our medical profession and on our modern vibrant Queensland you all work hard to build.

Alone this is not enough. These electoral victories do make a difference – but for the legislative changes that will make a difference to the lives of Queenslanders we need to change how politics is done and change how power works.

Make that change happen - join the Purple Army

By stepping up, through your action you can be part of making politics work for all of us. When you get out there and start showing power as activists on the ground, by knocking on that extra door or picking up the phone to make one more call you can make the Purple Army powerful and secure the legislative changes that will make a difference to the lives of Queenslanders, in the workplace and across our diverse communities.

You can sign up here – the Purple Army is an opportunity for supporters to get more active, not just during election campaigns but to change how politics is done for the change that our communities need. This is our opportunity to come together, to build skills and make sure politicians listen to the people who turn up and act for the things that matter.

That’s why over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be talking to members about how you can take the next step, to talk about getting beyond the day to day political cycle and changing how politics is done for the change that Queenslanders want.

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