Your vision for 2013

Have your say and join our movement.

Queenslanders are a tough bunch. We have got through tough times by making sure we support each other and that nobody gets left behind.

At the moment Queensland is under attack – a heartless government is ripping services out of local communities, destroying jobs, and jeopardising our state’s future. It’s time to take action – and we can’t wait for politicians or political parties.

Working for Queenslanders is a movement devoted to making sure that Queenslanders win their rights at work back, and that Queensland’s community gets the high quality public services and good jobs we all need.

You are the driving force behind this movement – you set the agenda, you are the power that in 2013 will help shape the agenda on Queensland’s jobs, services and future.

Check out the video by Adam Bandt MP and Senator Larissa Waters thanking you for your support.

As part of the movement you’ll get many chances to have your say – for now, let us know about what you think is important for Queensland’s future.

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